Friday, April 13, 2012

Toad Chateau Red Headed Stepchild Tasting

Toad Chateau Red Headed Stepchild
Our annual springfest always includes a Red Rye beer of some sort. This year it was Toad Chateau Red Headed Stepchild. This beer recipe was developed solely as a way to test out the Caramel Rye Malt that was noticed at our local homebrew shop.

Appearance: Photo does not do this beer justice. It had a beautiful rich red color tipped just a bit toward brown. The head was tight little bubbles of white in color. While this photo shows it rather hazy after a few days it settled nice in the keg ad tapped crystal clear.

Aroma: Very low hop aroma, followed by medium malt aromas. Slightly toasted toffee or molasses like notes, with hits of old-fashioned root beer, and dry cocoa powder. Complex and pleasing, significantly more dark roasted aromas then one would expect from the color.

Taste: A good medium mouth feel with a pleasant level of carbonation. Lots of toffee and caramel on the front of the pallet, with hints of cocoa, black pepper, and licorice on the finish. Very clean flavors.

Overall: Easy smooth and pleasant to drink. This beer struck the middle of the road during or Springfest. Hoppier the the Scotch Ale, and sweeter and smoother then the IPA. I think that this is one worth brewing again.

  • J - 7
Brew day info is Here.

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