Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Toad Chateau Copper Hopper Tasring

Toad Chateau Copper Hopper
Sometimes failure is not a failure at all but just a different type of success. this is what we have here. Originally the attempt was to brew Toad Chateau Trypple, but, there were many many problems with brewing equipment. The result was that the mash temps and times were missed, the hopping schedule was all off etc. All in all a very frustrating brew day. Yet this was not to get the better of us, as perseverance through adversity led to the creation instead of a Belgian Style IPA.

Appearance: Huge off white head with above average retention, nice lacing. The beer itself is a deep gold / warm copper color, lighter then the photo makes it look. There were a few green floaters in this pour, as the beer was keg hopped with 1/2oz each of Chinook Leaf, and Galena Pellet hops.

Aroma: Definitively Belgian Yeast. A bit of a damp hay / wet grass though it is fleeting, this may be due to one month of keg hopping as much as to yeast.. A good bit of citrus in the orange or kumquat arena, with a bit of a cooked honey note. And hops, lots of fresh floral hop notes.

Taste: Medium body with a crisp dry finish. The flavor is very hoppy with just enough malt to balance. Think barely warm bread with orange marmalade while sitting in a flower garden as the dew evaporates in the morning sun. And to finish a full twist of grapefruit rind wrapped in pine, has to be the Chinook hops.

Overall: Well this basically came down to do you like bitter grapefruit and wet hay? Either Yes and the beer is tasty or no and get that away from me. While we had this on tap for our Springfest it seemed to be the second most popular behind the Toad Chateau Misty Moorings Scotch Ale.

  • J - 7
  • K - 4
  • T - 3.5
Sorry no recipe for this one. Here is a link to the Toad Chateau Trypple, to make the Copper Hopper, drop the candi syrup and hop every 15 minutes with 1 oz of noble hops. 

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